What is ToolFig

ToolFig is a web app consisting of a number of free online useful tools. We have multiple tools that cover various categories to help assist your workflow, starting from a simple tool that manipulates a string like Password Generator to a more complex one like Fake Name Generator.

The main purpose of ToolFig is to offer the most complete free online tools in one place. And more tools will be added as the site is developed.

Free Forever

All the tools on ToolFig are completely free to use, forever. No additional cost for more features and nothing hidden.

Fast and Secure

ToolFig tends to provide client-side tools as many as possible, so you barely have to wait for the result. Not only is it fast and snappy but it's also safe and secure for sensitive data. You're certainly the only person who can see it.

For example, when using Password Generator which will result in sensitive data, all the generated passwords are cryptographically and securely randomized on the browser, not the server like some other online tools that use a server side library to generate passwords which you can't be sure if they are not being logged on the other end. With ToolFig, you can be certain that you're 100% safe.

Open Source Libraries

The libraries used in each tool are open source and well-maintained by large communities. So you can rest assured that all the developer tools on ToolFig are based on high quality libraries and stay up to date.

Strong on Privacy

ToolFig is built with privacy concerns in mind. Most of the tools we provide completely work on the client, but some of them need to process data on the server according to the nature of the libraries and send the result back to the client when done. However, ToolFig.com does not log any of your input regardless of where the input is processed; i.e. client or server. Therefore, you can freely use it to develop your app with peace of mind.